Enforcement of health ordinances must be strengthened: Horgan – BC News


The province is ready to crack down on people who are unwilling to follow provincial health orders related to COVID-19.

On the day the first vaccines were administered in British Columbia, Premier John Horgan said the province will “strengthen law enforcement” over the coming weeks.

During his weekly press conference, Horgan said that while the majority of British Columbians are focused on the right thing to do, “there are those who are not willing to lean a bit into their personal lives for profit. from all of us.

“Therefore, we will strengthen enforcement of public health ordinances over the coming weeks. ”

He said anyone in the province who has authority over others is called upon to work with law enforcement to ensure public health orders are enforced.

“It means rule breakers must be held to account. It means making sure that the fines we impose are collected. ”

Horgan says that once due process has been exhausted, the government will go to collections for those who don’t pay.

” It’s serious. It is not a lark. It is not something we do lightly. Those who do not want to obey the rules we all follow will have to pay the consequences, ”he said.

“I don’t believe you can put a price on public safety, especially as we come to this very difficult second wave of a global pandemic. ”

Horgan says he’s optimistic the pandemic can be eradicated by the summer, but says to get there, public health orders must be followed, and those who are ready to get vaccinated do so when they are. widely available.

Tickets have been drafted for several high profile rallies recently, including one given to the organizer of last Saturday’s anti-lockdown rally in Kelowna.

David Kevin Lindsay admitted to Castanet that he received the $ 2,300 bill for public health violation, but said he would fight the fine.


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