Eminem reveals what he really thought about the SNL “Stan” parody


We all had a good laugh at Pete Davidson’s recent Christmas parody of Eminem ‘Stan’ iconic obsessed fan anthem on Saturday Night Live. Even the reclusive rapper seemed to be giving him a co-sign by appearing as himself in sending his 2000 track in which Davidson played Santa-obsessed “Stu,” who pricked St. Nick with a barrage of letters. in search of an elusive PS5.
In a conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Em said that when he first got Davidson’s sketch lyrics sheet and read it on paper, he wasn’t sure if she was going to land. “I remember they sent me the lyrics and I was reading it down on paper and I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if this is going to be that good,’” he told Lowe. “And then the weight, when he said it, I was like ‘Holy s – t.’ He said it so well that he sold everything. You can’t… First of all, everyone’s raps look terrible on paper, right? Because you don’t necessarily know, unless you’re a rapper yourself… you don’t necessarily know where… Even if you are, you don’t know where they’re going to hit the beat, which pocket they’re going to pick. Yeah. And he was in a sick pocket. He was like, he was sort of going and he would go a little bit faster, and then he kind of slowed down so you could understand what he just said. ”


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