Elias reveals he was almost fired from NXT multiple times


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Elias recently appeared on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. During it, the WWE Superstar reviewed his journey to WWE and the success of his album, “Universal Truth.”

In one highlight, Elias revealed that he was nearly fired from WWE NXT on several occasions.

“One thing I realized when I got there was that the people who said no to my essay were running now, they were now in charge of my job,” admitted Elias. “And their minds haven’t changed, you know what I mean?” Their mind has not changed. William Regal, he had always said yes, and he liked me, and he helped me. But the folks who said, “No, this guy isn’t for me,” well, they’re now running the show, and they’re in charge. I didn’t know anyone in the area as far as anyone understood me, no family member, no friend or anything like that. Kind of like a stranger to their crew, and you know, they can protect who they bring into their circle and stuff like that.

“I have been put on the list to be fired multiple times in NXT for some reason. I’ve been made aware of it twice, which you can imagine, coming into work every day knowing that this guy over there wants to fire me, that really, that makes you, that’s just it. You could work on eggshells, you could work really hard because you’re like, ‘No, you won’t take it away from me now.’ ”

Elias has revealed that he is on the spot as he needs to find a new character to save his NXT career. He thought about how he should spontaneously find another gadget after its initial launch.

« [One of the people that runs NXT],]he said, “Here’s the deal. I’ll turn off the lights. When I turn the lights on again, you’ll give me something new. And I’m just like, no idea. So he turns off the lights. When he turns them on again, I start yelling at everyone in Italian. I go through every person… I just yell at these guys, and I get in front of me and whatever. And I sit and just watch them. And Dusty Rhodes says, “Holy s…”. And Nick Dinsmore says, “I have goose bumps”. And the guy who put me on the spot, he said, ‘This is it.’ ”

Elias also spoke about how “Universal Truth” includes some real frustrations stemming from his WWE career.

“The music that I wrote, I don’t know if you know the particular song or something like that, but each of them has kind of their own little story and meaning to me. And more specifically, “Amen” is a song I wrote where the first line was, “How many times will they kill me?” That was just the first line of that song, and it stems from my experience in WWE at that point, from a script standpoint, from a professional standpoint in its own way.

“It’s like, you know, and don’t get me wrong, they want nothing more than your success… but you are being tested.” And from a script standpoint, they were like killing me on TV every once in a while, like Baron Corbin knocking me off a ledge and hurting me and putting the thing in my throat so I couldn’t sing and whatever. ”

The full episode is available here:

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