Dortmund say they are open to costly January deal on Sancho


In the midst of a clash in December that will see Jurgen Klopp’s side put to the test, there is little time to reflect on the fact that transfer season is less than a month away. The latest rumor surrounding Jadon Sancho is sure to make everything feel real again.

EuroSport report Borussia Dortmund are set to listen to offers for Sancho in January.

There are two conditions; (a) that any deal be a pre-deal for the summer, and (b) their previous valuation for the £ 108million player will remain the same.

Manchester United wanted to sign Sancho last summer and chose not to give in to the price Borussia Dortmund is asking for and as a result media such as The Independent have claimed Liverpool may move for Sancho in 2021.

An agreement that certainly plays in favor of Liverpool

Liverpool have been in this position before and the virtue of patience is something the club have mastered over time.

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Much like that of the Naby Keita saga with RB Leipzig, Liverpool have proven they can be willing to wait if they feel the player is worth it.

Liverpool fans can wait as long as there is a guarantee and there are no unresolved issues between fans of a long, endless saga similar to that of Thiago Alcantara.

While other areas of the squad will likely have greater precedence, such as defense, making an early deal could have long-term value as it allows Liverpool to determine which finances to play with this summer.

Getting a deal early can also avoid the mentally draining exhaustion that comes with competing with other clubs, which would push Sancho’s price up even more.

The reality is that in the modern market, a player is worth no matter what the club considers his worth. Liverpool know this better than most, having made a number of spending deals in recent years.

That said, if Dortmund want £ 108million for Sancho, Liverpool need to determine whether they are ready to meet such a price before they even enter the negotiating table.

Photo par Alexandre Simoes / Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Klopp has mastered the art of patience

Missing a player this summer and then moving for him in January is something Klopp has firsthand experience in.

If Liverpool put the cat among the pigeons when it comes to a potential deal for Sancho in January, it would see the club repeat the actions taken against Virgil van Dijk in January 2018. So don’t count against the Reds doing it again.

It should also be noted that Dortmund made a similar deal like this with Christian Pulisic and Chelsea in January 2019. This was necessary due to the Blues’ transfer ban, but it is clearly something that Dortmund have benefited from. given that they are ready to do it again. with Sancho.

Having a little bit of clarity will only benefit Sancho too, giving him peace of mind for the future.

Photo de Nico Vereecken / Photo News via Getty Images

And the price?

£ 108million is an outrageous sum of money, but if Liverpool identify sufficient value in the player that doesn’t mean he is immune to major expenses.

One x factor at stake is the increasing likelihood that either Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane or Roberto Firmino will be sold this summer, with all three turning 29 by the end of the season.

If Liverpool are considering selling any of the aforementioned leaders, it will take someone special to fill such a void. It will be difficult to find better long term options than Sancho.

In the summer, Bild reported Dortmund only wanted £ 70million up front and the rest in future installments.

That said, if the need and availability match, there is strong reason to believe Liverpool could close a deal. Dortmund’s announced openness to such a deal bodes well, if Sancho is truly the player the Reds are determined to sign.

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