Donald Trump hints he will try to take back the presidency from Joe Biden upon confirmation


Donald Trump posted a cryptic ‘SEE YOU IN DC’ tweet while referring to the date of Joe Biden’s official certification as president (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump has hinted that he will try to take over the presidency from Joe Biden during his successor’s official confirmation hearing.

The president posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday about his plans for Jan.6 – the day Joe Biden will be officially certified as the next president by the U.S. Congress. The President of the United States tweeted on Wednesday: “JANUARY SIXTH, See you in Washington! ”

The president gave no further details, but several of his Republican allies have announced their intention to oppose the certification ceremony in Congress.

The electoral college – whose members voted for the winners of the popular vote in their respective states – have already named Biden their winner. Next week’s event will see Congress officially counting those votes, in what was previously a ceremony.

President Trump sent this tweet on Wednesday hinting at plans for a shake-up in the certification process

Each state’s votes will be transported to the Washington DC chamber in ornate and verified boxes. Vice President Mike Pence – acting as President of the US Senate – will then declare the winner.

Pence is one of Trump’s most loyal aides, but has distanced himself from the president’s election fraud allegations.

He also snubbed an attempt by pro-Trump Texas representative Louie Gohmert to disrupt the congressional tally.

Gohmert is now suing to try to grant Pence the power to choose pro-Trump voters in a bid to nullify Biden’s comfortable Electoral College victory.

Trump’s allies could also disrupt proceedings if a representative and a senator object to the results. This would trigger a two-hour debate, resulting in a vote.

Several members of the House of Representatives have indicated their intention to oppose, although only one senator – Tommy Tuberville – suggested making a possible objection.

Trump has yet to provide solid evidence to back up his claims and has failed in all of his attempts to overturn the November 3 election result.

Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20.

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