Don Callis on Kenny Omega: He’s “the best wrestler on the planet. Number two is probably not close ”


The wrestling world has its eyes on Don Callis and Kenny Omega.
Since helping The Cleaner win the AEW World Championship, Callis has made headlines with appearances in both Impact Wrestling and AEW. Dynamite. Speaking on Busted Open with Tommy Dreamer, Callis says the buzz he’s creating now is why he’s returned to the wrestling industry.

“I told the Impact that I didn’t come back to this business just to do the Killing the Town podcast. I certainly didn’t come back to be a commentator, ”Callis said. “There was always a plan and he played the long game. One of the side benefits of that has been the buzz and the buzz is one of the things that I think is hard to create. If everyone could create it, then everyone would have it. . Not everyone has it. ”

Callis says making headlines isn’t her ultimate goal, but notes that this buzz is natural with her long-term plans.

“I guess I’m not planning on trying to build a buzz or that sort of thing, but I went with a big plan. I have always been motivated by a great plan. So don’t come to me and tell me about “Wrestler X vs Wrestler Y” in the second game. I do not care. I care what happens in the story. They say winners can make history. Kenny Omega and I are now in the position to write history. Two guys from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada talk about the wrestling industry and not once, but twice changed the whole wrestling business. ”

Callis began to refer to himself as the “invisible hand,” a reference to how his behind-the-scenes influence has shaped the wrestling landscape today. While the moniker is touted on television, Callis has pointed out that this character is just an extension of who he is behind the scenes, and that being the puppet master has always been his primary focus in the entertainment industry. the struggle.

“It’s not a gimmick,” Callis said. “’The Invisible Hand’ never wanted to be a wrestling star and a world champion. I was a great wrestler, but I didn’t want to be that. I wanted to be the guy who pulls the strings and that’s where the invisible hand comes from. ”

From AEW Dynamite: winter is coming, Callis has become a regular on-screen personality as manager of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. According to Callis, he says being on Omega’s side for matches and promotions has allowed former IWGP heavyweight champion to become himself again.

“Being a top guy is a different proposition in Japan than being the face of a whole new promotion that everyone is talking about,” Callis said. “I think Kenny didn’t feel totally comfortable last year [that] he could be himself. One of the good things about family is that when we get together for dinner, at church, or whatever we are doing, we feel comfortable. We think we could be ourselves and I think thanks to the bond we have with Kenny. It goes back two and a half decades. I think Kenny feels he can be himself when I’m there. So I think we feed off each other.

“Dave Meltzer has described it time and time again as a Heenan and Bockwinkel type dynamic where both sides feed off each other and it’s a superior tandem. I think that’s what we saw. Kenny is comfortable being himself because if you ever listen to Kenny talk, most people who hang out with Kenny, [he’s] is very selective. I think Kenny would tell you, “I’m so much better than everyone else.” He really is. Kenny is the best wrestler on the planet. Number two is probably not close. Certainly at AEW he is by far the best wrestler. ”

Since they teased that he would become a ‘belt collector’, many have speculated that a title for the title match between AEW champion Kenny Omega and Impact champion Rich Swann could come. at some point in the near future. Callis didn’t address whether or not a clash between the champions of both promotions would happen, but he quickly turned the topic over to how he is responsible for AEW’s existence.

“By the way, to all the fans, you are welcome to Dynamite,” Callis said. “You’re welcome, because without the Tokyo Dome match between Jericho and Omega, in Tony Khan’s own words, there is no AEW. So if the most important thing to happen in wrestling has been AEW, then you have to thank me for that and Kenny Omega to thank for that, because of what we did at Tokyo Dome. ”

AEW is home to many factions, such as the Inner Circle, the Dark Order and Team Taz. While large groups are the norm on Wednesday evenings, Callis has assured that its partnership with Omega is limited to two.

“What’s also great is that there are going to be a lot of people trying to get in between us. »Can I also join your family? “Well, no you can’t, because you’re not family,” Callis said. “So I think there will be bandwagon jumpers. There will be cronies and sycophants who will try to blow us up. At the end of the day, you can’t get together with family. ”

Omega and Callis may have just started their on-screen partnership, but the two have known each other for decades.

“Kenny grew up in Winnipeg. Her uncle was a wrestler, The Golden Sheik. He trained me as a wrestler, ”Callis said. “Then when I became a brash young heel that was on TV, The Sheik was my manager. The Sheik took care of me, unlike other old school guys he took care of me. He took care of me.

“So when I met Kenny, I got interested in looking after Kenny. Kenny grew up watching me on television in Canada as “The Natural”. So Kenny was actually a fan of mine as a young boy and when he became a wrestler I started looking for him, trying to make reservations for him. Trying to make sure he was taken care of, giving him advice. receiving calls in the middle of the night from Japan. That sort of thing. It was a very symbiotic relationship. For Kenny, I think he too, like me, is driven by big things. ”

Omega has already achieved enough accolades to satisfy anyone’s career. Because of all of these accomplishments, Callis says the only thing Omega needs to focus on is changing the story.

“Kenny doesn’t want a five star game. He already had that. Six stars, it’s done. Seven stars, it’s done. What is left? What’s left is to shape history and change the industry, ”Callis said. “Other people have done it. Vince McMahon did it. Eddie Graham did it. Paul Heyman even did it. No one has done it twice and that’s what Kenny and I did. Maybe we’ll do it a third time. Maybe we’ll clean up all the brush from the old hardcore wrestlers. Maybe do an example like that and that’s the right thing. ”

You have Kenny Omega. You have the greatest wrestler in company history, a Hall of Famer in the mid-1930s. You do what you want. Imagine that. You have the best wrestler of this generation. The best wrestling athlete and by far the smartest person. The most visionary person in wrestling and me. Together, this is always something that we cannot accomplish. ”

While Winter is coming Now weeks, the future of the Omega / Callis storyline is still in the air. Callis teased an upcoming major announcement on Impact, and when he didn’t deliver it there, he claimed it was coming to Dynamite. When Dynamite rolled, he claimed the world was not ready for it. Callis did not give a concrete answer as to the future of this angle, but stressed that it would be major.

“Where it goes in the history books. We’re not done, ”Callis said. “I remember hearing you [Tommy Dreamer] talk when I came back and took over with Scott D’Amore at Impact Wrestling. You said it was the biggest comeback in wrestling history. 13 years away from the company. Come back, take over the second wrestling company in the United States. Scott and I did it. This was only the third phase of a plan that lasted for years. So, let’s not make the same mistake twice and be short-sighted. Let’s not assume this is the end. Maybe this is just the start.

“I’m going to say the same thing I did to Josh Matthews during the interview. Do you think I came back to be a color commentator? Do you think I came back just to help Kenny Omega? I didn’t come back just to help Kenny Omega win a title. I think now Kenny and I have the appropriate leavers in place. My power in the industry, based on the leadership position? My power in the industry, based on what I just accomplished? It can never be unwritten. So it’s money in the bank. Kenny’s power as a true world champion, AEW World Champion. It also has the AAA belt. I could get down with Konnan a bit. I would like to do that. So, let’s have fun. We’re going to love to pull all the strings. ”

If using quotes from this article, please credit Busted Open w / Tommy Dreamer with an m / t at Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.

Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.


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