DHS warns of Wisconsin ‘cannibal sandwich’



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Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services are warning of the so-called “cannibal sandwich,” a Wisconsin holiday tradition.

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The Wisconsin Historical Society website states that the “cannibalistic sandwich” consists of raw, lean ground beef served on bread (especially rye bread) with chopped onions, salt and pepper.

It is also called “tiger meat”, “steak tartare” or simply “raw beef and onions”.

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According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, these sandwiches have traditionally been served at parties and other festive gatherings in the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee historian John Gurda, who served him at his wedding reception in 1977, told FOX News in 2013 that sandwiches were a festive dish in the region’s German, Polish and other ethnic communities. of Milwaukee since the 19th century, adding that it was once common to see them at wedding receptions, after-funeral meals, and at Christmas and New Years parties.

TasteofHome.com notes that it can be topped with a raw egg yolk, and that there are other versions besides beef, including venison, lamb, and bacon tartare.

State health officials warn that ground beef should always be cooked to 160 degrees and that “raw meat is NEVER recommended because of the bacteria it may contain.”

According to DHS, Salmonella, E. coli O157: H7, Campylobacter, and Listeria are bacteria that can be found in raw, undercooked beef, and regardless of where you buy your ground beef, those risks are real.

The DHS website notes that there have been eight outbreaks related to raw ground beef dishes since 1986, including a large Salmonella outbreak involving more than 150 people in December 1994.

For more information on preventing food poisoning during the holiday season, see the Food Safety page on the DHS website.


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