Delta Gives Employee Who Fought Covid-19 For Months First Class Travel Around The World


“I was on the phone all the time,” Janese said. “I was just thinking about how to get Janice home, and that’s it. ”

Janese and Janice shared their experiences in a moving interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday, detailing the months-long ordeal the family endured after Janice was rushed to the emergency room.

Janice told CNN she spent around 115 days in hospital and rehab clinics recovering from Covid-19 after it emerged in March. She said she was ventilated and in a coma for 57 of those days.

The 59-year-old story gained attention after it was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Janice is an employee of Delta Air Lines based in Atlanta and Janese resides in Miami.

Janese told CNN that she only realized upon reading the article that the staff at the medical facility were repeatedly telling her that Janice was on the verge of death.
“I didn’t hear her, I didn’t have her, because my mind couldn’t understand that she wasn’t going to be there,” Janese said.

Janese credited her faith and her GP’s advice for remaining optimistic about Janice.

She said she befriended one of the nurses who looked after her twin.

“My only comment for her was,” Well her heart is strong, and until she gives up I won’t give up, until the day she stops breathing I will never tell you to stop. ‘remove from that vent. “” Said Janese.

At the end of the interview, the sisters received a message from Delta CEO Ed Bastian.

“Please let Janice know while she was in a coma, we (including myself) were monitoring her daily progress and including her in our prayers. It’s a miracle and we are so proud of his strength in this fight, ”the statement read as read on air by CNN’s Baldwin.

He continued, “Also let her know that I can’t wait to send her with her sister on a first class trip, with me, everywhere in the world we fly when she is able to travel. Merry Christmas! ”

The couple were moved by the gesture as they usually travel for birthday parties and were unable to do so due to Janice’s condition and the ongoing pandemic. Janice thanked Bastian and expressed her deep gratitude to the family and strangers for helping and keeping her in their prayers.

“When you wake up from a coma after two months, you can’t move, you can’t walk, you can’t scratch your head,” Janice said.

She added, “Being here to have this interview with you now, for me, it just makes me realize every morning when I wake up, to say ‘Thank God for another day.

Janice and Janese promised to let Baldwin know when and where they would be going, and Janese offered viewers one final thought.

“Please just wear your masks. You will never want to face this in your life. Just wear the masks. ”


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