David Prowse’s family confirms he died of COVID-19 infection


David Prowse’s family confirms he died of COVID-19 infection

Over the weekend, the Star wars The community mourned the loss of David Prowse, the actor who wore the iconic Darth Vader costume in the original trilogy. News of his passing was greeted with a wave of tributes from fans as well as those fortunate enough to act opposite him on screen. But until today, the exact cause of his death was unknown. Via Deadline, Rachel, Prowse’s daughter, revealed that her father had died from complications from COVID-19.

Rachel Prowse confirmed to British tabloid The Sun that her father, already struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, was hospitalized with the virus for two weeks before his death. Sadly, the UK’s COVID-19 protocols have prevented his family from saying goodbye to him.

“It’s horrible that the Covid restrictions mean we couldn’t see him and say goodbye to him,” Prowse said. “But when we got his things from the hospital, the nurse said how cool he was. He was such a larger than life character. He would have loved to have been following the trends on Twitter. ”

In addition, Rachel Prowse confirmed that these restrictions also prevent her family from hosting “a big celebration of [her father’s] life. ”

“We’re not going to be able to make the start we would have wanted for him,” added Prowse.

Prowse’s death also brought new awareness to his thorny relationship with the Star wars franchise. While he seemed to happily embrace the fandom surrounding his performance as Vader, Lucafilm wasn’t so crazy about it. In 2010, the studio banned Prowse from making appearances at any Star wars conventions. Regardless, he continued to visit other fan gatherings in the years leading up to his passing. Filmmakers Marcos Cabota and Toni Bestard explored Prowse’s feud with Lucasfilm in their 2015 documentary, I am your father.

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