‘Cyberpunk 2077’ destroyed on Metacritic user reviews


It had to happen. Cyberpunk 2077 threw somewhat mixed reviews the other day, but still managed to rack up an excellent Metacritic score: 90, at last count. It’s for PC, however, where every reviewer has played the game before launch. After launch, the narrative changed: Not only does the game have issues on lower quality PCs, it’s an absolute disaster on consoles, especially the Xbox One and PS4. And with little to no official reviews representing these versions of the games, user reviews are starting to fill the void.

It is not quite a Warcraft: Reforgé situation, which I believe still holds the record for the lowest user score ever. That’s pretty bad though: On Xbox One, the user score at the time of writing this is 2.3. On PS4, it’s 1.9. Even on PC, where many people have probably had the experience the developer wanted, the score is down to 6.0, a far cry from the 9.0 critical score. There is definitely some bleeding due to the anger of the console which also affects the PC score.

This leaves me with an interesting problem. I think you can certainly call it “review bombing,” a practice that can be very problematic when people do it because they don’t like the portrayal or politics of a given game. And yet, in this specific case, it seems more than reasonable, especially since there are no critical reviews for the PS4, and only 2 for the Xbox One – not enough to make a score by standards. by Metacritic. Without it, user reviews are the only voices on this site talking about how broken the game is on the latest gen consoles.

Metacritic recently changed their system so that users can’t write reviews for up to 24 hours after a game’s release, which avoids the types of pre-release bombings we’ve seen with. The Last of Us Part 2. And, theoretically, we see that this system works pretty well here: User reviews are reacting to the state of the game on the listed platforms, and the state of the game on the listed platforms is pretty bad.

I am interested to see this develop. Will the score be lower? higher? My guess is lower, but there are probably enough CD Projekt Red fanatics out there to keep it from going below 1. Hopefully some sites can start posting review scores to supplement the critical side of the game. equation.

It was a rough start for this game which was disappointing to see. I absolutely loved it on my high end PC, which is clearly how it was meant to be played. But if you’re going to charge $ 60 for a game on one platform, it should work on that platform.


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