Covid patient, 82, beaten to death with oxygen tank for praying in hospital bed


82-year-old Covid patient beaten to death for saying a prayer at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, Calif., Pictured

An 82-year-old Covid patient was beaten to death with an oxygen tank for praying in his hospital bed, police say. The unidentified victim was murdered at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, Calif. On December 17 with Jesse Martinez, 37, arrested for the murder.

Martinez, who was also being treated for Covid, reportedly shared a two-person bedroom with his victim, with investigators claiming he got into anger during the old man’s religious reflection.

The victim died the day after his beating and did not know Martinez before being placed in a room with him.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said: “The suspect got upset when the victim started praying. He then hit the victim with an oxygen tank.

Martinez has been charged with murder, which sheriff deputies say was compounded by alleged hate crimes and aspects of elder abuse. The man who was murdered was Hispanic. Martinez is being held in jail in lieu of $ 1 million bail.

Confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States now stand at 18.3 million, with nearly 325,000 dead.

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