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Wales is tightening restrictions on coronaviruses and will start shutting down services on Christmas Eve, while advising people to reduce the number of households meeting over the holiday season.

The Welsh Prime Minister announced that only two households should form an exclusive ” Christmas bubbles “during the five-day restrictions lifted.

Meanwhile, all non-essential retail, leisure and fitness centers in Wales will close when markets close on Christmas Eve.

And all reception facilities will close from 6 p.m. on Christmas Day as the decentralized government tries to bring the spread of the virus under control, Mark Drakeford said at a press conference.

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Mark Drakeford says only two households should get together over Christmas in Wales

The nation will go to Alert Level 4 (equivalent to a lockout), with a ban on social contacts outside of households or support bubbles, from December 28 for an initial period of three weeks.

COVID-19[feminine[feminine cases have exploded recently and one in five people in Wales now test positive for the virus.

Mr Drakeford has deviated from the UK-wide plan announced by Boris Johnson, which would have allowed three households to form a festive bubble between December 23 and 27.

Decentralized administration leaders met with Michael Gove on Tuesday and agreed to continue with planned easing, despite growing criticism, but with a stronger message warning people of the dangers.

Boris Johnson told the Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday that the leaders were in a “Unanimous agreement” that Christmas would continue as planned across the country “with existing regulations” in place.

However, Mr Drakeford said: “This has been such a long and difficult year. But that cannot relieve us of the responsibility to act now. ”

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‘There is unanimous agreement for Christmas’

He added: “The clear message from the Welsh government is that only two households should meet.

“Whether it’s advice or regulation, the message is the same – only two households should come together. ”

Mr Drakeford said a joint declaration from the four countries was still pending, but would not say whether the two household guidelines would apply across the UK.

Referring to yesterday’s talks with Mr Gove, he said: “Yesterday I met with the Prime Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland and Michael Gove of the UK government to discuss common arrangements for the period. Five day Christmas.

“We had another meeting this morning. In the few weeks since our decision, the situation has changed dramatically as the coronavirus has once again taken hold of the British country.

“Later today we will be posting common advice across the UK explaining that a smaller Christmas is a safer Christmas. ”

Meanwhile, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has also deviated from the UK government’s plan.

She recommended that people who form a Christmas bubble meet only one day, instead of five, and not spend the night “unless it is inevitable”.

She said, “First and foremost, the surest way to spend Christmas this year for yourself and those you love is to stay in your own home and your own home.

“My strong recommendation is that this is what you should do whenever possible. ”

The new four-tier system in Wales, called the coronavirus control plan, was revealed on Monday.

Below level 4, you should stay home if possible, do not mix with anyone outside your household or support the bubble, whether indoors or outdoors, and not travel without a reasonable excuse.

Gyms, hotels and non-essential businesses are all closed.


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