COVID-19 test site shutdown for “She’s All That” remake at Union Station in Los Angeles – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles is under a new amended stay-at-home order from Monday as coronavirus cases explode again in the City of Angels. At the same time, however, a city-sanctioned film shoot closed a heavily visited test site on Tuesday.
The kiosk at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles will be closed tomorrow so the She is all that remake can use the iconic terminal as a location.

Despite the hundreds of people who use the South Patio’s Covid-19 test site at the busy station daily, Miramax’s photo has obtained a permit from FilmLA, Deadline confirmed. With exterior shots and interior scenes at the terminal, the total size of cast and crew is estimated to be around 170 tomorrow.

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Earlier today, those with Covid-19 test dates scheduled for Tuesday received an email telling them they were out of luck, to put it politely.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and delayed notification, but the LA Union Station Kiosk site had to cancel all appointments for December 1 due to an event held there,” said correspondence from The site’s Curative Customer Care, which typically operates from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., calling the closure a “big inconvenience” in its email, Curative promised customers they could use their December 1 meeting time. ” at any date and time in the future that suit you ”.

Contacted by Deadline, Curative, who runs the pop-up site with the City of LA, confirmed that they sent the email and that the Union Station site is indeed closed tomorrow – which could lead to a backup in scheduled and rescheduled tests at least next week.

It’s about time a Covid-19-battered LA didn’t really have one, as turkeys are coming home to spread after Thanksgiving gatherings and vacation trips that haven’t been deterred. Newly imposed restrictions took effect today in an attempt to curb the spike in cases and hospitalizations that are on the rise, almost sure to overwhelm the healthcare system in less than two weeks.

The decision to shut down the Union Station site was made by Curative, a well-placed source tells us. The nation-wide testing organization felt the environment would be too disruptive and social distancing would be too difficult to enforce, with filming underway.

Earlier Monday, the Los Angeles Public Health Unit reported 5,150 new cases of coronavirus, 17 more deaths and 2,185 current hospitalizations in the county. Or as mayor and potential cabinet member Joe Biden, Eric Garcetti just tweeted:

“Before this issue was brought to our attention, neither FilmLA nor the production company’s sites team had any prior knowledge of a Covid-19 testing center operating on-site,” FilmLA told Deadline tonight. “Informed of the closure of the test site, representatives of the production of the film offered to work with representatives of the station to restore access to the test site tomorrow,” added the nonprofit agency. “The two uses of the installation may be compatible, depending on the area to be used for filming and the interest of the production in operating it.”

Miramax did not comment on the situation during the contact before the deadline. However, company officials have confirmed that the Mark Waters-directed film will be shot at the DTLA station. Miramax had no idea that her shoot would shut down the test site, I hear. In fact, largely because they won’t be filming anywhere near the kiosk, the company is currently reaching out to Curative to see if the testing site can be opened for tomorrow.

Written by original screenwriter R. Lee Fleming, with producers Jennifer Gigbot and Andrew Panay of the 1999 original film also on board, He is all that updates and returns the script. In the new version, a social media influencer plans to take revenge by accepting the challenge of turning school’s biggest loser into prom king after her boyfriend humiliates her.

True to context, TikTok superstar Addison Rae signed on for the film, as did Tanner Buchanan. In a cast that also includes Madison Pettis, Peyton Meyer, Isabella Crovetti, Annie Jacob and Myra Molloy, Rae and Buchanan will play gender-swapped versions of the characters Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook from She is all that.

Of course, with an overall capacity of around 30,000 per day, there are a number of other venues that one can be tested in Los Angeles, such as the curative drive-up at Dodger Stadium. That’s probably cold comfort to those who had a test scheduled for tomorrow at Union Station.


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