COVID-19 quarantine: Travelers arriving in UK from Spanish Canary Islands must self-isolate from Saturday | UK News


Travelers arriving in the UK from Spain’s Canary Islands will need to be quarantined from 4 a.m. on Saturday – as the government has announced a new ‘test to release’ service will start in England next Tuesday.

The new system means that all passengers arriving in England from areas not on the travel lane list can shorten their self-isolation time from 14 days to five if something goes wrong. COVID-19[feminine[feminine results of tests from specific suppliers.

The decision on the Canaries, announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, is a setback for the UK travel industry, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many companies saw an increase in bookings for the Canary Islands when they were added to the list of travel corridors in October.

Grant Shapps announced that the Canary Islands have been added to the quarantine list

Mr Shapps said the withdrawal from the islands was due to an increase in weekly COVID-19 cases and positive tests.

He tweeted: “Data indicates that weekly cases and positive tests are increasing in the CANARY ISLANDS and therefore we are DELETING them from the #TravelCorridor list to reduce the risk of importing COVID-19.

“From 4 am on Saturday 12 December, if you arrive from these islands, you will have to isolate yourself. ”

Meanwhile, people arriving in the UK from Botswana and Saudi Arabia will not need to self-isolate from Saturday after the two countries were put on the travel corridor list.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. File Image

Mr Shapps tweeted: “BOTSWANA and SAUDI ARABIA have been ADDED to the #TravelCorridor list.

“If you arrive from these places after 4 am on Saturday December 12, you do NOT need to isolate yourself. ”

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Mr Shapps later tweeted about the ‘test to release’ program: “From Tuesday the 15th the new ‘Test to release’ service for passengers arriving in England begins.

“This means that all passengers from any location NOT in a travel lane can” agree “to shorten self-isolation to 5 days with a negative COVID-19 test result from specific vendors. ”


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