COVID-19 in Harbor Breton could be linked to unidentified case: officials


It appears that two recent cases of COVID-19 in the Harbor Breton area may be linked to a case that public health officials were previously unaware of.
The Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, provided an update today.

Both cases involve staff at Harbor Breton Health Center, including a health care worker. Dr Fitzgerald says the cases are what public health officials call epidemiologically unrelated cases.

This indicates that there is or was a case of COVID-19 that they did not know about. It may be for someone who has no symptoms, who may have left the province before being diagnosed, or they may have assumed they had a cold and did not get tested.

This prompted Fitzgerald to send another reminder to anyone with symptoms to get tested. Increased precautions remain in Harbor Breton until public health officials are convinced the risk of transmission is reduced.

Nine new recoveries, one new case

There is a new confirmed case in the province today.

The case is travel-related and involves a man from Eastern Health Region, aged 20 to 39, who is not a resident of that province. He came to Newfoundland and Labrador from Asia.

There were nine new recoveries, leaving 20 active cases in the province.


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