COVID-19 home test authorized by Health Canada


Switch Health hopes to have kits available as early as January or February 2021, depending on geography

Picture this: You need a COVID-19 test to return to work or school, but the usual ways to take a test are not available or just don’t fit your schedule.
Now a Toronto-based healthcare company wants to change that by offering you the test.

Health Canada has cleared Switch Health and its home test kit that officials hope to roll out in the New Year.

“We still need individual provincial approval to be able to actually work through this,” said Olga Jilani, CFO and Director of Switch Health.

She said the company is at an advanced stage with some provinces and, pending approval, is targeting January or February to make them available.

The kits contain a swab PCR test, considered the gold standard for the COVID-19 test at this time.

But Jilani noted that more testing methods are coming online and being approved, Switch Health is ready to make changes.

Those who receive a kit will be able to sit at home, connect to a secure server and video chat with a nurse, who will walk you through all the steps.

Jilani said the most important step was to assemble and ship the kit.

“There is no leak, there is no contamination (and) it meets all Category B requirements for shipping potentially biohazardous material,” he said. she says, “It is then picked up and processed in a central lab. ”

She added that suggestions have come in to make these kits available in places like airports and schools.

“We want to work with the provinces to see where they would like to deploy this,” Jilani said.


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