COVID-19: Family ignores ‘thoughtless’ restriction on making it easier to exchange gifts at gas station | UK News


A family has decided not to wait for the government’s review of its Christmas coronavirus restrictions – and will be exchanging gifts early at a motorway gas station.

Amanda Shephard told Sky News that they chose not to meet at her parents’ home in Worcester – and instead chose the more extreme option, but secured by COVID.

“My parents are 72, my husband’s mother is 75, and while they are generally fit, well and happy to come out and see us all, it is always on your mind that you may have brought them the virus.

“So we decided to meet them halfway in a motorway service station and exchange gifts there. ”

The mother of three added this encounter as COVID-19[feminine[femininecases were on the increase with consequences that were “simply too great”.

Ms Shephard last saw her family almost four months ago – at the end of August.

The previous period predated the first nationwide lockdown in March.

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And while she is “very sad” at the changed plans, she said a meeting in an open venue will ensure that it can be done in a “socially distant” way.

Christmas Day itself, will be spent in the respective homes of each family – and with chats on FaceTime.

“This way we keep everyone safe,” Ms. Shephard added.

Ms Shephard believes that the government’s decision to allow Christmas bubbles for three from December 23 to 27 was a “thoughtless” move and was made “too far in advance”.

“It was done so long ago, so much has happened since then. The cases have increased enormously and many more domains are entering Tier 3.

“I just think it was done too long before Christmas and the government should have waited until now because now is the crunch time.

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“They (the government) keep saying that the NHS is under too much pressure, yet that is exactly what these four days could create in the New Year.”

Ms Shephard added: “It’s concerning because we could go back to lockdown in the New Year because of this. ”

She noted that although her children are “very sad” not to see their grandparents this Christmas, they have agreed to compromise to protect them before being vaccinated.


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