Could Canucks drop a bad deal in the expansion plan?


The holiday season is just around the corner and there really hasn’t been any “news” from the Vancouver Canucks to report. Everyone is waiting for the league and NHLPA to work out the details for next season.
Currently, there are already ten Canucks in Vancouver. Some, like Jack Rathbone, are already in quarantine (or have completed the 14 days) and are preparing for training camp.

I guess there was a little bit of bookkeeping for GMJB, as the club signed Jalen Chatfield on a one-year deal both ways. And the young defender takes into account the first question of the mailbag.

I don’t think Olli Juolevi is not part of this team to start the season. In every interview GM Jim Benning has given since the playoffs ended, he’s gone out of his way to say it’s time to bring in younger players. And most of the time, he mentioned Juolevi by name.

Juolevi must therefore be one step ahead of the other two. But should he?

Brogan Rafferty has just finished a strong rookie season in the AHL, collecting 45 points in 57 games. Offensively he’s been great, but can he defend at the NHL level?

Rathbone might be the best prospect of the three at this point, and yet he hasn’t played a minute of professional hockey in his career.

The defenseman who might have the best chance of joining Juolevi on the Canucks roster is Chatfield. And that’s because of the fact that he’s a right shot. Something Juolevi, Rafferty, and Rathbone are not.

Keep in mind that Nate Schmidt will likely play his offside this season, and you can bet Travis Green would rather not dress a formation with two defenders playing their offside.

Right now, it looks like the Canucks won’t be killed in the expansion draft – as they did when Vegas entered the league and took Luca Sbisa from Vancouver. Projecting and guessing a bit, you’d think the Krakken would pick one of these guys from the Canucks roster:

– Braden Holtby
– Tyler Myers
– Antoine Roussel
– Zack MacEwen
– Kole Lind

Does Travis Green want to lose one of these guys? Absolutely not. But the Canucks aren’t in a terrible position like some teams. (See: Colorado.)

So can the Canucks use the expansion plan to get rid of a bad contract? Theoretically yes. I just don’t see that happening. What Jim Benning and his company should do is take advantage of teams that cannot protect all of their good players. Because you just know some of these GMs are going to want something in return for good assets rather than just having them picked up for free by Seattle.

There is no doubt that cash flow is an issue for homeowners right now. And that won’t change until there are bums in the arena seats.

But here’s the thing: Travis Green already has a deal for this season. It would be the start of next season when he got his salary bump. And (fingers crossed) things will get back to normal (ish) for the start of the 2021–22 season. I guess the Canucks property wants to see what this season will be like before they dive into a deep dive with Green.

I think there is a desire on both sides to do something. And in my opinion, it would be a mistake not to do so before they let go of the puck in January.

First off, I can’t believe how many people should buy a Paul and Floyd Mayweather PPV. Honestly, are we that tough on sports? With that out of the way, I’m going to go with the guy who landed multiple Superman punches on skates.

Also, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t really want Kevin to peck me if I choose Paul. I had no idea who Jake Paul was before this fight with Nate Robinson. Paul is a great guy and it was a nasty knockout. However, he will be chosen separately by Money Mayweather. It won’t be the same playing field. Remember what Mayweather made this undefeated kickboxer?

Hey! Another Bieksa question! Look, Kevin was (and still is) a fantastic interview. He challenges your questions, has a dry sense of humor, and always tries to give you something right. But what Beth Bartkowski did in that one-off interview in Colorado was clutch:

Fun fact about this interview: Beth was a last minute surrogate. I was in the suite to interview Brandon Sutter’s mother. But before we could get to that, Brandon took a puck to the face and was forced out of the game. So I had to make an audible. Lucky for me, Beth agreed. The rest is history.

If you missed it, Maxim Lapierre recently retired from professional hockey:

Max played 149 games with the Canucks and was of course part of the team that made it to the Stanley Cup Final in 2011. His greatest moment came in Game 5, when he scored the only goal of the game. game to give the Canucks a 3–2 series. drive. I don’t really know what happened after that.

I don’t really have a good story about Max. I remember after a morning session he told John Shorthouse and myself that he was recently engaged. So, on that night’s show, Shorthouse congratulated Max and Natasha.

Here’s the problem: Max was angry with Shorty for mentioning it. We’re not sure why, but the best guess is that he hadn’t informed everyone in his family etc so they were probably surprised to find out from a game released rather than Max him. -even.

Ah man, that’s such a tough question. An all-Ledgeview quartet of myself, Nick Taylor, Adam Hadwin, and James Lepp (or Ray Stewart) would be great fun.

But what about this group: me, Rory McIlroy, Michael Jordan (he would like to play) and John McEnroe. And we play Augusta.

Fishing is almost always awesome. But she has her moments. Last weekend, she took baths on consecutive days. Why do you ask? Well, on Saturday she rolled into a dead rat or a squirrel. On Sunday, she raised the bar by rolling in a rotten seal.

The answer would be Alex Burrows, and it’s not particularly close. There is enough for an easy bestselling book. However, other types come to mind. Shane O’Brien. Chris Pronger. Bieksa.


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