Corrie viewers advise Leanne against poorly timed Christmas trip to France


Coronation Street viewers couldn’t help but raise an issue with Leanne Battersby’s Christmas plans.
She invented a trip to France to visit her mother Stella, in the midst of her grief over the loss of her son Oliver.

Leanne didn’t want to be with anyone on the first Christmas without her tragic son, who died last month.

Claiming she would be out of Weatherfield, she told her partner Nick that she was traveling to France to see Stella and therefore couldn’t make their original plans.

Leanne isn’t actually traveling to France, which is for the best given the latest coronavirus news.

Coronation Street viewers couldn’t help but raise an issue with Leanne Battersby’s Christmas plans

The soap opera is filmed weeks in advance, so it can be quite difficult to describe the current guidelines for the series.

With levels and lockdown rules changing all the time, scenes are often already filmed before updates.

This means that despite the fact that they introduce the rules from when the episode was filmed, to when the scenes air, there could be huge new restrictions in place.

Leanne tragically lost her son

Viewers are supportive of the show and are aware the episodes cannot be re-filmed, with many often turning to Twitter to discuss when a particular scene might not follow the latest guidelines.

With the UK plunged into new levels and even a level four this month, with two new variants of Covid-19 detected, many countries around the world, including France, have limited travel to and from the United Kingdom.

So when Leanne announced she was heading to France on Christmas Day, fans certainly had some advice for her.

Nick thinks Leanne is in France for Christmas

Of course, the episode would have been filmed weeks ago, before the multi-level changes and other issues took effect.

That hasn’t stopped some viewers from laughing at the ill-timed timing, trying to shed light on a frustrating situation.

One onlooker wrote: “Good luck getting to France Leanne #corrie. ”

Another agreed: “Lol good luck getting to France Leanne #Corrie #ChristmasEve. ”

A third tweeted: “Sorry Leanne, I think you’re going to spend Christmas with Nick. Haven’t you heard of this new strain of Covid ?! France has closed its residents! #Corrie. ”

Another said: “I wonder when Nick will mark on the fact that Leanne cannot go to France because they have closed the borders. ”

Coronation Street continues at 7 p.m. on ITV on Christmas Day.


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