CNN reports truth about COVID after spitting out anti-Trump propaganda

CNN comes from announced out of breath that he discovered a “vast mine of leaked documents[ing] China has underreported the COVID-19 figures “and has deliberately covered up the severity of the outbreak.

The only problem with the CNN blockbuster is that it’s almost a year old.

The rest of the world has known since about February that the Chinese Communist leadership hid the epidemic from the world for as long as they could. After the epidemic began late last year in Wuhan city, they silenced their own doctors and blocked visits from outside medical investigators. They lied about the virus to the WHO, then made her lie for them. They have allowed travelers from China to spread the virus to more than 180 countries at the same time as they quarantined tens of millions of their own people.

Beijing did all of this by reporting such a ridiculously low number of cases and deaths that most credible news agencies were skeptical.

Real journalists, like those who work for our government-funded Radio Free Asia, have started digging. RFA reported at the end of March that the death toll in Wuhan was several times higher than the roughly 2,500 Beijing claimed at the time. As bodies piled up in city crematoria and trucks of funeral urns arrived for the deceased’s ashes, they estimated the actual number of coronavirus victims at 46,800.

After regurgitating Chinese propaganda on COVID that gives Trump a bad image, CNN suddenly repeats the truth.
After regurgitating Chinese propaganda on COVID that portrays Trump, CNN is suddenly reporting the truth.

CNN, on the other hand, swallowed the whole Beijing narrative and quickly started regurgitating its propaganda in the same way.

On April 15, 2020, for example, CNN reported that “not a single serving member of the country’s military has been infected.” America, however, was not doing so well:

“The reported lack of cases among the Chinese armed forces comes despite the fact that thousands of servicemen have been sent to Wuhan to help with frontline medical efforts. This also contrasts with … the United States, which ha[s] seen an increase in the number of cases in recent weeks.

What was CNN’s source for its report that the Chinese military was handling the coronavirus much better than the US military? The website of the Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which of course is not a fan of the US military.

Over the past year, CNN has pulled a lot of its coronavirus stories straight from the Beijing propaganda newspapers, but my all-time favorite is this April 7, 2020 gem:

“China yesterday reported no new coronavirus deaths or locally transmitted cases, according to the country’s National Health Commission… There were 32 new cases – all imported from overseas.

CNN's initial COVID reports came directly from the Chinese government, putting Trump in check and will give Biden an advantage when he takes the presidency.
CNN’s initial COVID reports came directly from the Chinese government, defeating Trump and will give Biden an advantage when he takes the presidency.
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Put aside the predictable effort to blame the epidemic on outsiders. They are still a practical whip boy for the xenophobic CCP.

Just consider the claim “no new cases” in a country the size of China. And ask yourself the following question: If this was true, why were Wuhan’s 11 million people, as well as millions elsewhere in China, still stranded? It is absurd at first glance.

Could it be that the awakened CNN elites were more than happy to report, virtually verbatim, the most outrageous claims of the CCP simply in order to paint a bad image of the handling of the epidemic by the United States and the United States? President Trump in comparison?

And now that the elections are over, have they perhaps decided that it is time to stop serving as the CCP’s unofficial propaganda arm – at least as far as the coronavirus is concerned – lest they give a bad image of the next president?

As for me, I’ll stick to CNN, impatiently awaiting their next “exclusive”.

Maybe next year CNN will “find out” that the Chinese virus is from… China.

Now that would be news.

Steven W. Mosher est le président du Population Research Institute et l’auteur de «Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream» is the New Threat to World Order. »


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