City of Paris fined nearly $ 110,000 for naming too many women


“Today, I will be happy that we have been fined,” Hidalgo said Tuesday at a meeting of the Paris City Council. “It is with joy, shared with many others, that I learned last week that the city of Paris had to pay a fine of 90,000 euros.”

Still, Ms Hidalgo said the ‘absurd’ decision to issue a fine offered a chance to address the systemic problems that persist across France, where the percentage of women in key civil service positions was around 31. % in 2018, according to official figures. Ms Hidalgo, who was elected in 2014, is the first woman to lead the city’s government, and she has worked hard to address long-standing imbalances over who represents the interests of Parisians.

The ministry in charge of the French civil service noted that since its election, Paris made great progress in the correction of the historical imbalances. Across municipal government, women now hold 47% of leadership positions.

“Yes, we must promote women with determination and vigor because the gap, everywhere in France, is still very large,” said Ms. Hidalgo, 61, a socialist reelected this year for a second term. “And so, yes, in order to ever promote and achieve gender equality, we need to step up the pace and get more women appointed than men.”

In her re-election campaign this year, she spoke of making Paris a “feminist capital” that would expand services to women and girls, including education, health and support for victims of domestic violence.


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