Chinese Embassy in United States Alleges Hack after Retweet of Trump’s Election Claim | Donald trump


The Chinese Embassy in the United States has said its Twitter account was hacked after retweeting a baseless claim by Donald Trump accusing Democrats of cheating in the election.

Late Wednesday night in the United States, Trump posted: “If someone cheated in the election, which Democrats did, why wouldn’t the election be immediately called off?” How can a country be run like this? “

The post, which now carries a warning on Twitter that the election fraud allegation is “disputed,” was retweeted within minutes by the official account of the Chinese government’s presence in the United States, drawing users’ attention. social media.

The embassy then tweeted that it had made no retweet on December 9. “The Chinese Embassy’s Twitter account was hacked this afternoon and we condemn such an act,” he said.

The Chinese government officially congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the November 26 election. Sino-U.S. Relations deteriorated during Trump’s tenure as president, while initially praising Xi Jinping’s leadership, Trump quickly shifted to a tough stance against the Chinese government, and the two countries quarreled over trade, technology, human rights and visas for journalists and diplomats.

Trump, who remains president until Biden’s inauguration in January, has continued to issue executive orders and sanctions against China and its officials, and key appointees have continued to issue major accusations and criticisms.

Twitter is one of many social media platforms banned in China, but the country’s diplomatic missions and staff around the world are keeping track.

This is not the first time that China has claimed that one of its diplomatic accounts has been hacked following controversial activity on Twitter. In September, UK Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s account liked articles critical of the Chinese Communist Party and another featuring a 10-second video of a sex act. The likes remained active for several hours, until the Embassy in London said Liu’s account had been “violently attacked” by “anti-Chinese elements” and asked Twitter to conduct a “full” investigation .

In 2020, Twitter sought to take action against false and questionable claims by official accounts, introducing labels for people affiliated with state media and governments in China, Russia and other countries, and by attaching warnings to many of Trump’s spurious accusations, including those of voting. electoral fraud and cheating.


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