Chinese Embassy in U.S. blames hackers for retweet of Trump election fraud statement world news


The Chinese Embassy in the United States said its Twitter account was hacked after retweeting a baseless claim by President Donald Trump that Democrats cheated in the election.

“If someone cheated in the election, which the Democrats did, why wouldn’t the election be immediately called off? How can a country be run like this? ” M. Trump tweeted on Wednesday, without any proof.

The social media post was retweeted by the Chinese Embassy – and the moment was captured by a Reuters reporter who posted an image of the retweet on his Twitter account and wrote: “Interesting retweet.”

The Chinese Embassy claimed it was hacked and did not retweet anything on Wednesday.

He tweeted: “The Chinese Embassy Twitter account was hacked this afternoon and we condemn such an act. For clarification, the embassy did not retweet on December 9. ”

Twitter had tagged Mr. Trump’s tweet as saying, “This allegation of electoral fraud is disputed. ”

Mr. Trump has consistently made allegations of electoral and electoral fraud without offering any evidence – claims that have been repeatedly rejected by state and federal authorities.

In his latest legal effort to overturn the election, the president and the 17 states that supported him threw their weight behind a Texas lawsuit against the states of Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The president is asking the Supreme Court to prevent those states from participating in the all-important electoral college vote on Monday.

Election law experts said the Texas trial was unlikely to be successful and lacked legal basis.

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Donald Trump says Democrats ‘cheated’

The dispute over the retweet also comes just days after China criticized the United States for sanctions against Chinese officials for their actions in Hong Kong.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned America’s top diplomat to China to express “strong indignation and condemnation” and pledged to take “reciprocal” action.

On Monday, the United States imposed financial sanctions and a travel ban on 14 Chinese officials for their role in passing a national security law in Hong Kong and Beijing’s disqualification last month of elected officials from the opposition to Hong Kong.

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China’s grip on Hong Kong is tightening

China has been accused of violating the “one country, two systems” pledge to maintain greater political and economic freedoms, made when the United Kingdom surrendered the territory in 1997.

Many around the world believe the territory is controversial new security law violate Hong Kong’s traditional freedoms, including a free press, an independent judiciary and the right to protest.

Beijing insists that Hong Kong’s freedoms will be protected and that the law is needed to restore order in the city.


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