Casque Gal Gadot Kept The Wonder Woman 1984


“It is a symbol of strength, of heritage, of hope. “

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally just around the corner.

So far, all we could do was dissect the trailer a million times and wonder how the hell Steve Trevor is in this movie.

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I’m certainly glad to see the guy, but the last time I checked he died, so …

The movie won’t be released for another week, but that hasn’t stopped Diana Prince herself, Gal Gadot, from sharing what she took with her on set.

“I usually don’t have any movie memories in my house, but this one is so special to me that I just had to put it on display,” she shared on Instagram, alongside this photo of the helmet. that she wears in the film.

“I won’t spoil you, but it’s a symbol of strength, legacy, hope, [and] I love having him with me to remind me of all that. ”

First of all, it looks dope. The helmet looked cool in the trailer already, but up close and in good light? Majestic.

For over a year, people have been eagerly waiting to see the armor in action, and many fans believe it was modeled after the Golden Eagle armor of the Wonder Woman comics.

Gal says she doesn’t want to spoil anything, implying that the armor itself is pretty important to the movie.

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Honestly, I wish she would mess something up, because now I just have more questions!

Where did she find the armor? Is it Amazonian armor? If so, how did she get it, since she no longer lives on Themyscira? Why does Wonder Woman – who is very, very strong, practically indestructible – need heavy armor to start?

Warner Bros.

I’m not complaining – it sounds badass, I just wanna know.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers, * sigh *. But luckily we can all have them when Wonder Woman 1984 hits HBO Max on Christmas Day!

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