Canadian Broadcasting Regulator Examines Requests to “Investigate” CBC’s Use of Branded Content


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A group of more than 500 current and former CBC and Radio-Canada employees disagree. They published an open letter and launched a website on Wednesday asking their employer to end their new branch of branded content.

“Its purpose is to sell businesses the opportunity to disguise their advertising as our journalism. CBC uses its resources to help advertisers deceive Canadians. They call what they produce “paid content”. And it’s insidious, ”the letter reads. “We firmly believe that this must stop.”

Signatories to the letter include former National host Peter Mansbridge, former CBC chairman Anthony Manera, current radio show host As It Happens Carol Off, and Debra Arbec, host of the flagship newscast from CBC Montreal at 6 p.m.

On Wednesday, the National Post obtained a copy of another open letter circulating among Radio-Canada staff with an identical request to CBC / Radio-Canada executive vice-president of French services Michel Bissonnette.

We believe that this form of advertising … undermines our independence and credibility

Organizers say they received the support of more than 100 employees, including all of the “prime-time TV and radio hosts” within hours, according to the petition images. This claim could not be independently verified.

“We believe that this form of advertising, the obvious objective of which is to imitate journalistic content, undermines our independence and our credibility in the eyes of the public,” the petition reads in French.

“As studies show that this type of advertising misleads people, we need to set a good example and not do it. We sincerely ask you, Mr. Bissonnette, to drop the Tandem program.


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