Cambridges train journey ends in Windsor with the Queen and members of the Royal Family


Sources from Kensington Palace have insisted the visit, designed to honor those who have gone ‘beyond’ this year, was organized with the cooperation of the UK, Welsh and Scottish governments, stressing that it it was a working visit.

“The premise of the tour is to recognize the sacrifices made by so many people this year and to thank people,” a source said. “They work and travel across the border is permitted for business purposes. “

Royal sources also insisted that this was “essential” work that could not be undertaken through Zoom.

The Duke and Duchess still struggle to decide where to spend Christmas

The Cambridges have also admitted that they are still fighting for their Christmas plans.

The couple told Cardiff students they didn’t know who to spend the holidays with.

“It’s so difficult, we are always trying to make plans,” said the Duke. “It’s hard to know what to do for the best. “

Lily Faulkner, 21, a second year political and international studies student at Cardiff University, said afterwards: “They were trying like all of us to make Christmas plans with their families and still weren’t 100% sure of what they were doing. do or where they were going to be. ”

Cardiff Castle has been transformed into a winter wonderland – albeit socially remote – with illuminations and a food market.

The couple grabbed sticks loaded with giant marshmallows to toast around a small bonfire with Lily and two classmates, Azaria Anaman, 23, who is in her first year of accounting and finance, and Shahzeb Akhtar, 21, who is in his third year studying optometry.


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