Bruins fan builds incredible Boston Garden model for table hockey game


Trent Buhler never made it to Boston Garden, so he brought him the legendary Boston Bruins home.

Buhler designed and built an amazing table hockey game that is also a model of the legendary old Bruins arena.
The 52-year-old currently lives in Edmonton and has lived in Saskatchewan and Calgary. But he’s a die-hard Bruins fan because of Hall of Fame defenseman Bobby Orr, who has been his favorite player since childhood. The Bruins played at the Garden from 1928-95 before moving to TD Garden where they have played since.

“I’ve always loved the Bruins a lot, and I’ve always been a fan of those old buildings – all the Original Six buildings,” Buhler told “It’s basically my homage to the garden. ”

He built the game from wood as a hobby but wanted it to look as authentic as possible. He used a 3D printer make the seats foldable with armrests and vintage advertisements printed to mimic those that appeared on the ice and around the arena. He has even added names and numbers to players the Bruins of the 1970s would therefore play the rival of the Montreal Canadiens of that time.

Tweet from @NHL: This Boston Garden table hockey arena is the best thing you’ll see today. 👏 (📷 FB / Trent Buhler, @NHLBruins)

Buhler built three more table hockey games but came up with the idea of ​​creating a realistic Boston Garden about 10 years ago. He started working on the six-by-four set in 2018, having secured a larger house with a loft for such a project, and it’s still not fully finished yet.

He completed a scorecard on Sunday, but still intends to include a roof line and the garden marquee from the front of the arena.

It may look like a pattern, but the table hockey game is fully playable. Buhler played with his kids every day and he even made the playing surface realistic.

“He’s kind of a half-model, but the important thing for me was that I wanted him to be able to be played,” said Buhler. “So I kind of built it in that regard as well. You can’t really block the puck at home. You have to play hockey with her too. The puck is small enough to slip between the guy’s legs so you really have to take a picture. ”

Buhler shared photos of his progress on Facebook and his Page Instagram, and the incredible detail exploded online last week.

He intends to make and sell garden table hockey mini-games and hopes to create another classic full-size arena once the garden is finished.

“I would really love to do Maple Leaf Gardens,” he said. “I would like to do the Forum (of Montreal). I would like to do Chicago Stadium. ”


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