Brexit: Emmanuel Macron denies “having my cake and eating it” by fishing | Political news


UK and EU leaders may not yet be able to agree on a trade deal, but one of the Brexit issues they can agree on is their penchant for metaphors cake.

French President Emmanuel Macron became the latest leader to serve a slice of analogy on Friday when asked about EU contingency planning.

In case of no agreement Brexi trade negotiations, Brussels has proposed a series of short-term mini-deals with the UK to keep planes in the air, trucks in motion and allow fishing vessels to keep working.

EU considers continued access to UK waters in the event of no trade deal

However, this has risky to cause a new fishing line with Britain on EU boats plans to continue working in UK waters, on a reciprocal basis, for up to one year.

Some Brexiteers saw the fishing request as an attempt at ‘blackmail’, with the EU – in return for continued access to UK waters – not blocking UK flights or blocking UK carriers from January 1 after a result without agreement.

Meanwhile, parts of the EU’s proposed mini-deals to the UK contain the same calls for so-called level playing field provisions that, along with fishing rights, have been such a controversial aspect of post-trade negotiations. Brexit.

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Asked after an EU summit on Friday whether the Union’s one-year fishing proposal was akin to ‘having your cake and eating it’, Mr Macron replied: ‘I don’t ask not having my cake and eating it, no.

“All I want is a cake that’s worth its weight. Because I won’t give up my share either. ”

The French president is under internal pressure to preserve access to British waters for his country’s fishing fleets during the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

The use of the cake metaphor on Brexit issues has been a regular occurrence over the past four years, with the UK often accused of wanting to ‘have their cake’ – leaving the EU – and ‘ eat ”- continuing to enjoy it. benefits of EU membership.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson once said that his “policy on the cake is to have it and to eat it”.


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