Brantford-Brant turns red on COVID framework


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• Maximum of 10 people seated in the shopping center food courts.

• Retail stores should maintain a distance of two meters between those lined up.

• All theaters and performing arts facilities are closed with the exception of drive-ins.

• The capacity at the casinos cannot exceed 10 people.

Earlier this week, Dr Elizabeth Urbantke, Brant’s acting medical officer of health, said the timing of the peak in local cases is of particular concern just before the holiday season “which has traditionally seen the closest socialization.”

She said failure to adhere to guidelines to reduce the spread of the virus “could mean an exponential increase in the cases we see after the holiday season.”

Ontarians are urged to continue to follow public health measures and to spend vacations only with members of their household.

Of the total number of local COVID-19 cases, 533 are residents of Brantford and 176 are from Brant County. Fifty-four percent are women and 46% are men.

People aged 20 to 39 represent the largest number of cases (33%), closely followed by 40 to 59 (32%), 60 to 79 (17%), under 20 (14% ) and those 80 and over (3%).

Fifty-three percent of cases resulted from close contact with someone infected with the virus, followed by 23 percent by community spread, 17 percent by an outbreak and 5 percent by travel. The means of contraction in 2% of cases are pending.

The Grand Erie District School Board reported two cases on Friday – one at its education center on Erie Avenue and another at McKinnon Park High School in Caledonia.


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