Brandon Beane reflects on Josh Allen’s writing, when many were in doubt


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When Bills general manager Brandon Beane picked Josh Allen with the seventh pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, many people were in doubt. Allen has proven the skeptics wrong, and that’s a big part of the reason Beane just signed a five-year contract extension.

Now that Beane can see the move as a home run, he says what really sold him on Allen was what he learned about Allen the person as the Bills researched what the people of Wyoming thought of him. .

“You have to talk to your teammates. You obviously need to talk to coaches. You have to talk to people at school, ”Beane said, via “How does this person treat an intern? How does this person treat a classmate? How does this person treat the lowest guy? You know they are going to treat their head coach well. But how do they treat a position coach? ”

Beane said the Bills heard unanimously that Allen was the kind of person they would want as the face of a franchise.

“Whether you thought he was going to be a good player or not, if you were around this young man, you knew he was going to leave no stone unturned to be the best player he can be,” said Beane. “And I was willing, and as an organization, we were willing to live or die with it. And Josh did everything we asked him to.

Beane made the right choice, and he and Allen should have many years together in Buffalo.


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