Braid: A new model program to reduce COVID-19 infection in hard-hit urban communities


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His message fits perfectly into the dynamics of the communities: “I am from the Somali community and I want to lead by example. . . In Alberta, we have been battling misinformation about vaccines for years, and uptake is particularly difficult in marginalized communities.

“The availability of a COVID-19 vaccine is great news for us. It will help and protect us. ”

Just a few weeks ago, Kenney was accused of racism when he launched his appeal for COVID-19 awareness among Calgary’s South Asian community.

Calling his message a ‘wake up call’ he said, ‘We know it’s a tradition to have big family gatherings at home and we think that’s one of the reasons we have seen a much higher level spread in the community than other parts of the population. ”

It immediately went off the rails. The Prime Minister has been accused of systemic racism and “microaggression”, among others.

It was a mistake to distinguish a group. It made Kenney seem like he was comparing him unfavorably to others.

The new program is ecumenical in a wide range of Alberta communities. By kissing them all, he offends none.

It is a model government policy – smart, humane, sensitive and very likely to help these communities while benefiting all Albertans through lower infection rates.

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