Brad Pitt ‘Can’t Believe’ Approaching 60 As He Plans Low-Profile Birthday Party


Hollywood’s most beloved actor Brad Pitt just celebrated his 57th birthday and we’re taking a look at the idol’s low-key celebration.

According to a report by HollywoodLife, as Tinseltown’s “golden boy” rings the bell on his 57th birthday, he has special plans to celebrate with his children in a warm and intimate way.

A source provided the details at a point of sale, saying, “Brad is very low key when it comes to his birthday. ”

“He really doesn’t do much about it. He’s working on Bullet Train so he’s very concerned about whatever works, but of course he’ll be celebrating with his kids at some point because they love it, ”they said.

“The younger ones are still the age where they love to make her cards and do all the cake and birthday candle stuff. The youngest are still at the age where they love to make her cards and do all the cake and birthday candle stuff, ”the source revealed.

“But really, the only thing Brad wants for his birthday are the homemade cards his kids make and hang out with, which is what he cherishes the most.” Otherwise he would skip a birthday just as early, ”the insider said.

A second source told the portal: “Birthdays close to Christmas have always been interesting for Brad and especially this year is very different from previous years. The bottom line is, he can’t believe he’s approaching 60. ”

“He embraces growing old and loving life. And he’s going to take today and this weekend to talk to those he loves. He won’t be having a party or expecting gifts, ”the source said.

“He can’t wait to hear from his kids and have a very happy day because he is in good health and most of the time everything in his life is going very well. He’s in a great place right now, ”it was later revealed.


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