Boris Johnson on No-Deal Brexit, Nissan and Promises Northeast ‘Bounce Back’ in 2021


Boris Johnson insists the North East can ‘bounce back very, very strongly’ from the devastating impact of Covid-19 and a no-deal Brexit.
The region is expected to be hardest hit by the failure to secure a trade deal with the EU before Sunday’s deadline, with studies showing it could shrink the region’s economy by more than 10% – 7 billion pounds per year by 2034.

Mr Johnson said there was a good chance no deal would be reached and accused EU leaders of being “a little unreasonable, more than a little”.

During a visit to Blyth on Friday, the Prime Minister pledged the government would support the North East’s economic recovery – and praised recently revealed plans to create 8,000 jobs in the city with an electric car battery ‘gigaplant’ of £ 2.6 billion.

Mr Johnson also pledged government support for wind farms like Dogger Bank during his visit to the National Renewable Energy Center, and said ministers would support the ‘transformational’ reopening of disused railway lines to improve .

Plans are underway to bring passenger trains back to the Newcastle to Blyth and Ashington railway line, while a reopening of the disused Leamside line is also part of the leaders’ £ 6billion vision. premises aimed at overhauling the transport infrastructure of the Northeast.

The Prime Minister, whose visit has been almost a year to the day since the Tories won Blyth Valley and a series of other North East Labor Party seats in the general election, said: “The North East , remember, is already the largest exporting network in the whole UK and has an incredible future regardless of what trade agreements we have with the EU.

“The government will discuss with all businesses in the North East and across the country what we need to do to prepare for January 1, but I think there is a great opportunity for businesses to think not only in European terms. , where our markets will always remain open to our European friends, but also to think more globally.

“What I see here in the northeast is a part of the country that has been hit by Covid, as we have all done, but can rebound very, very strongly.

“What we’re going to do is continue with our unification and upgrade program. Things like supporting wind farms, supporting gigafactories, or even supporting the overthrow of the Beeching cuts for railways, I think, can make a huge difference in opportunities and in people’s lives.

“The ability to affordably move to a place where a job is likely to be created can be absolutely life-transforming for people.

“So I’m full of confidence in the North East and across the country next year. ”

Car maker Nissan has warned that a no-deal Brexit would render its Sunderland plant unsustainable, dealing a colossal blow to the North East’s economy and the 7,000 workers employed at the site.

Asked about the impact on Nissan and its staff, Mr Johnson said: “Let’s see where we are at and the conditions under which we can negotiate. Our friends in the EU are being a little unreasonable, more than a little bit, in saying that they want to keep us locked into their legal way of doing things.

“They say if they change their laws, we have to change ours, otherwise we get a tariff, some financial penalty. We don’t think it’s reasonable, we want people to be able to do their own jobs.

“They are also very tough on the UK’s ability to control its own fisheries. We’re a long way from where we need to be right now, but we’re still there.

“So I would say to workers across the North East that this is a region that has an incredible future from all angles and that the UK government is going to support it with our upgrade program no matter what.


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