Bills sign CEO Brandon Beane for multi-year contract extension


In this year’s draft, Beane traded Buffalo’s first-round pick to the Minnesota Vikings for wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who is currently tied for the league lead with 90 receptions and 1,037 receiving yards in 12 games. . His fourth-round pick in wide receiver Gabriel Davis is playing at a higher level than his draft status with five receiving touchdowns and an average of 16.9 yards per catch – the second-largest receiver among rookies.

Prior to coming to Buffalo, Beane spent 19 years with the Carolina Panthers in various roles and was assistant general manager in his final season. Beane rode McDermott in Carolina from 2011-2016. The two have built a positive culture in Buffalo that is desirable for free agents and rookies. They also changed a long-standing perception of league-wide bills for the better. Their adopted mantra of writing, developing and re-signing their own players has already proven to be a success. McDermott said he couldn’t imagine having someone else as CEO.

“My take on Brandon hasn’t changed since the day we first met,” McDermott explained. “When I was with him in Carolina, he had always had a great way of him, especially with human relations. Then, for me, a good balance between business and operations and then also mixing the football side, it’s unique in the league.

“I think for most GMs who have that experience on the business side of football, I really can’t imagine myself working with anyone other than Brandon to move forward. For coaches, as I mentioned earlier, it’s one thing to be. a good coach and develop players. But if you’re not fed good players, it’s almost like drinking from a dry pipe. It’s a difficult thing to maintain over time. So being fed good players, being fed players who are what we’re looking for, Brandon has done a phenomenal job. I can’t imagine myself working with another GM. ”


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