Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy to star in new Netflix series


Ben Falcone et Melissa McCarthy

Ben Falcone et Melissa McCarthy
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for CinemaCon

Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, who must get along well for how often they work together, came up with another project: According to Deadline, they will play in God’s favorite fool, a new Netflix comedy series created by Falcone and directed by Brooklyn Nine-NineMichael McDonald, who has already ordered a 16-episode series from the streaming service. In the vein of The right place or Miracle workers or God made me friendship, God’s favorite fool is a high-level workplace comedy about “a mid-level tech support worker” (Falcone) who falls in love with a colleague (McCarthy) “at the same time he becomes God’s unwitting messenger” . Deadline says there’s also “roller skating, a lack of fire, and a looming apocalypse” – a sort of one-season arc that will explain why Falcone’s character can talk to God. Or maybe it’s not really God? It would be a fun twist.

the Deadline the story does not have much additional information on what arrive in the series, especially when it comes to what it actually means for a guy to be the “unwitting messenger of God, but Falcone’s character will likely use his newfound power to get stuck in goofy situations that put his life at risk. new relationship with the character of McCarthy. Or maybe he’ll find a way to definitively prove that God exists and that things will go in a weirdly unexpected direction. We will have to wait and see.


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