Banksy confirms Bristol’s new artwork


The elusive Bristol graffiti artist has confirmed that a mural in Totterdown is his latest work.
Banksy posted a photo of the creation on his official website this afternoon (December 10).

Appearing near the mural in the photo, a mysterious man carrying an umbrella is blown in the wind.

Residents said Bristol live the photo, on Vale Street appeared first this morning.

A protective plastic covering has now been placed over it by the house’s former tenant, Fred Loosmore, who moved out last week.

Crowds gathered to watch the creation, appearing from the side of a twin, all afternoon.

Here we bring you your reaction to the possible Bansky and Vale Street updates in Bristol

This man also appears on Banksy’s main site

The painting shows an old woman sneezing with her false teeth flying off, and looks like a number of previous works by the elusive artist.

Fred said he wasn’t sorry for moving: “I can still come see him, can’t I? ”

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Banksy has done a lot of work in England this year, including the “Hula-hoop” girl in Notthingham and a photo of a rat on the London Underground.

Yesterday (December 9), a mysterious monolith was spotted on Glastonbury Tor, with “Not Banksy” written halfway through the installation.


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