‘Bachelorette’ Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark visit family


Realization of the relationship: unlocked.

Newly engaged ‘Bachelorette’ Tayshia Adams and the suitor she chose, Zac Clark, went through a very specific rubicon relationship on Wednesday when they visited the Adams family’s California home and, most importantly, Clark helped her father move a sofa.

(They say meeting the in-laws for the first time is a big deal, but really it all comes down to the first time you have to put a couch through a door.)

In the photos, Adams and Clark wave to the photographers, give some light kisses and buddies with Adams Desmond’s dad – all in one day’s work.

The historic moment came a day after the show’s busy 16th season finale. This year, Adams was replaced by Clare Crawley, who left the series after not daring to fall in love quickly with former NFL player Dale Moss and accept an early proposal from him. (Crawley and Moss bestowed their blessing on Adams and Clark on Wednesday.)

Clark, 36, and Adams, 30, explained on Wednesday that they are “just going to date” for the imaginable future, with no wedding plans just yet. Adams, from California, also said she plans to be “bi-coastal” in the future; Clark, originally from New Jersey, works in New York City, and the couple announced their move to the Big Apple by leaving in a cardboard cab at the end of the finale.

“I will have my place [in California], and I can’t wait to spend time in New York City with him, ”Adams told“ Good Morning America ”on Wednesday.

Coincidentally, they will share the town with Crawley and Moss. Moss was spotted looking for a home in Manhattan in November, and the couple were also pictured practicing sacred New York City traditions like checking Christmas trees and shopping at Tiffany’s.


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