Asda shoppers angry as Christmas turkeys miss from festive food deliveries


Asda’s customers are furious after finding out their party food deliveries are missing the Christmas turkey.
Buyers have been told the turkeys are now out of stock, though they are ordering the essential Christmas food in advance.

The retail giant has apologized to individual customers affected by the mistake.

But customers are still panicking and disappointed that they weren’t a substitute for their Christmas party, Hull Live reports.

Many took to Twitter to express their outrage after seeing the turkey missing from their delivery or to click and collect orders.

Have you been affected by this, at Asda or in other supermarkets? If so, send an email to [email protected]

Asda buyers claim they no longer had any substitutions for their missing turkey

Asda has apologized to its customers

This is a further blow to customers in parts of the east and south-east of England who have seen Christmas canceled by level 4 restrictions.

The new rules also put an end to showcase shopping six days before Christmas, with only essential stores allowed to remain open.

One customer tweeted: “A little confused to be honest. I ordered a small crown of turkey before the deadline of December 11, for delivery on December 23.

“I am going to modify my order to add more items and the turkey is out of stock?” I think we have enough problems this year without you adding to it. ”

Asda buyers were disappointed despite ordering their Christmas turkey early

While another was dismayed after being offered a ‘refund only’ for almost everything his Christmas food store, including cranberry sauce, Yorkshire puddings and frozen roulade.

They wrote, “Disgusting service from Asda.

“Christmas delivery ordered three weeks ago. Refund only for my turkey, cranberry sauce, pate, rose chocolates, full cheese board, Yorkshire puddings, all freezer items including roulade and desserts. I am appalled. ”

While another customer was left with not only a missing turkey, but also potatoes despite the £ 200 Christmas order in November.

Asda Medium Turkey

They said: ‘The first time I used Asda to shop online for £ 200 + Christmas store for elderly parents, ordered in November.

“A few hours before delivery, receive a note to say all but six items are replaced or out of stock, including turkey and potatoes. I will no longer use Asda! ”

Click and home pickup and delivery orders appear to have been affected, with some customers claiming to have ordered their turkey well in advance.

One person added: “Imagine clicking and collecting on Asda last week for your Christmas dinner stuff to collect today, so they now say your fucking turkey is not available.

“Of all the things that the Asda Christmas Food Drive lacks is the b ***** turkey. ”

Seeming to shed some light on the situation, another joked, “Looks like it’s going to be a vegan Christmas this year because Asda removed the turkey from my Click and Collect order.

“I’m happy but I’m not sure the kids will be. The purpose of the pre-order was? ”

An unlucky customer said the error marked the third year in a row they had not received their Christmas turkey delivery.

They said, “Well, I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but for the third year in a row you haven’t delivered our Christmas turkey.

“Our delivery is today and the turkey crown is not available and no substitutions. We can no longer edit our vacation order to add it. ”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced Level 4 restrictions “with a heavy heart”, effectively canceling Christmas gatherings for millions of families in London and the wider South East.

This means households are not allowed to travel or mingle indoors, except for current bubbles of support amid fears that a new strain of Covid-19 is spreading uncontrollably.

Relaxed Christmas restrictions for the rest of England, Scotland and Wales have been reduced, allowing three households to meet only on Christmas Day instead of the previously promised five days.

While the five-day Christmas bubble remains in place in Northern Ireland.


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