Arsenal boss Arteta backs temporary subs for head injuries


London (AFP)

Mikel Arteta backed calls for concussion substitutes on Wednesday after Arsenal’s David Luiz was embroiled in a sickening clash with Raul Jimenez that left the Wolves forward with a fractured skull.

Luiz played until half-time in Sunday’s game with Arsenal insisting concussion protocols were being followed but was replaced as blood continued to seep through his bandage.

He was excluded from Thursday’s Europa League game against Rapid Vienna, but could be fit for Sunday’s North London derby at Tottenham.

“Maybe this is a time when we can think about giving these people a little more time and using a temporary substitution, for example, if we don’t want to end up in these positions,” Arteta told reporters before. the quick match. .

Arsenal have come under heavy criticism for not replacing the Brazilian defender immediately after the collision, which occurred just five minutes after the Premier League game started with Wolves in the Emirates.

But Arteta said Arsenal club doctor Gary O’Driscoll followed the rules.

“He knows exactly what to do,” said the Spaniard. “He did all the tests, he followed all the protocols and we were very comfortable for him (Luiz) to continue playing.

“But obviously you have to make a decision in a minute, when someone is bleeding, when you have someone with a massive concussion next to you – whose life is threatened. ”

Arteta said accidental clashes in football cannot be avoided and sometimes they will lead to serious injuries.

“Obviously this has never happened in football,” he added, referring to concussion substitutes. “It happens and it’s very common in other sports.

“And that’s just a suggestion. You know I want to be more protective, which I think we need to be in certain times when we really consider the welfare of the players and have fair competition while the game is still in progress. ”


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