Armie Hammer to star in drama series about the creation of The Godather


Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer
Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images)

According to Variety, Armie Hammer has signed on to star in The offer, an upcoming drama series about the making of The Godfather– so the name is a play on “making him an offer he cannot refuse” and not a play on Office– which is coming to Paramount Plus (the streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access). Rather than playing Francis Ford Coppola, which would be a choice, Hammer will play producer Al Ruddy (who also happens to be an executive producer on The offer), with Variety explaining that the show is about “Ruddy’s experience on set of iconic crowd drama.” The offer will be Hammer’s first regular TV concert, and as we learned in september, the 10-episode series will be written by Michael Tolkin (Escape to Dannemora).

Now before anyone starts the fan casting Godfather figures like Coppola, it should be noted that a film about the making of The Godfather is already in preparation, with Oscar Isaac playing the director and Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Evans. This one is called Fran├žois and the godfather, and Barry Levinson directs. It is, to be clear, unrelated to Paramount Plus’ The offer. People really want to do stuff about the making The Godfather. Even Coppola himself went back to manufacturing The Godfather this summer, cutting his new version of the third film, which is now entitled Mario Puzo’s The Godfather Coda: La mort de Michael Corleone.


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