AOC trolls David Perdue on stock buys on Twitter spat ahead of Georgia second round


Representative Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to attack the Republican politician after offering to bring her down to the state to motivate her own base.

“@AOC, our offer is still valid – come to Georgia, we’ll buy your ticket! Tweeted Senator Perdue, who had previously invited Representative Ocasio-Cortez to debate the Green New Deal with him.
The congressman responded by jumping into Perdue’s stock trading, which has been the subject of a Justice Department investigation for possible insider trading.
“And with what money are you going to buy this ticket, Perdue?” The curiously “at the right time” actions that you cashed during your mandate? She tweeted.
Investigators have probed Mr Perdue’s finances for insider trading after he sold more than $ 1 million in shares of Cardlytics, a financial firm where he previously served on the board.
Mr. Perdue completed the transaction after receiving an email from the CEO referring to “upcoming changes” according to the New York Times.
The investigation was ultimately closed without any charges being laid.
Democrats have used stock transactions to accuse the Georgian senator of making money from the coronavirus pandemic as most Americans have suffered economic hardship.
Sen Perdue is currently in a close race with Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff ahead of the January 5 run-off ballot.


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