Anthony Hopkins Celebrates 45 Years of Sobriety: “Don’t Give Up”


Anthony Hopkins celebrates a milestone: 45 years of sobriety.
The 82-year-old Oscar winner shared a black-and-white video on his Twitter announcing the news.

“… 45 years ago today, I got a wake-up call,” he says. “I was heading for disaster, drinking myself to death. I don’t preach, but I have a message. A little thought that said, “Do you want to live or die?” And I said, “I want to live”. And suddenly relief came and my life was amazing.

The ‘Hannibal’ star admitted that everyday is not easy, adding, “I have my days off and sometimes little doubts and all that. ”

However, he encouraged those who struggle with sobriety to keep fighting. “… Overall, I say, hang in there. Today is the next day that worried you so much yesterday. Young people, don’t give up. Keep on fighting. Be bold. Mighty forces will come to your aid. It has supported me throughout my life.

Anthony ended his sweet video with a message of hope for 2021. “Happy New Year. It will be the best year. ”

Anthony previously opened up about his sobriety journey in a 2019 interview with Brad Pitt for Interview Magazine. “I don’t know why I’ve been drinking my whole life. I did it because it was the only thing I knew, ”he says.

“I look back now and think, ‘Well, that wasn’t bad, but I don’t want to start over.’ I did a little bit of harm back then, but I apologized to people for what I did. It’s all part of life. And whatever power there is in us, he forgives. It’s finish. Forget it. Keep going. ”

– par Katcy Stephan


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