Anjanette Young: Chicago Police Video Shows Woman Handcuffed Naked During Wrong House Raid | American News


Bodycam footage has revealed the moment a woman was handcuffed naked as police mistakenly raided her Chicago home.

Officers kicked down social worker Anjanette Young’s door and stormed into her apartment shouting “hands up, hands up” before she had a chance to get dressed. .

You can hear him screaming and saying to the police, “You’ve got the wrong house! “.

She was eventually given a quilt to cover herself after officers handcuffed her naked during the February 2019 ordeal.

Social worker finally received coverage

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot apologized to Ms Young in an emotional press conference on Wednesday.

It comes days after Ms Lightfoot’s administration went to federal court to try to stop Chicago’s WBBM-TV channel from showing the footage, but it was turned down.

“I am deeply sorry and disturbed that her home was invaded and that she had to deal with the humiliation and trauma she suffered. It’s just not correct, ”Ms. Lightfoot said.

“It just shouldn’t have happened. And I will make sure that there is full responsibility for what happened. ”

Ms Lightfoot initially tried to distance herself from the incident, saying it happened before she took office in May 2019, and accused the Civil Police Accountability Office (COPA) of failing to release the video earlier.

The COPA investigation, which could include recommendations to discipline officers, is ongoing.

The footage drew widespread criticism, including from black state lawmakers who called it “an act of racism, gender-based violence and yet another violation of a woman’s dignity and safety. black woman “.

Ms Young’s attorney said there was an attempt to cover up the raid and described it as “a very eerily similar situation” to the one that killed Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky in March.

Ms Young said on Wednesday that the incident on February 21, 2019 was something she would “always” take with her.

She said having the video in the public sphere was difficult but necessary.

Anjanette Young said the incident will stay with her “always”

“I want accounts,” she told reporters in Chicago. “I don’t need social media subscribers, I don’t need that stuff. Responsibility. ”

Ms. Young obtained the video as part of her lawsuit against the city.

Chicago had also filed a request for Ms Young to be sanctioned for allegedly violating a confidentiality order.

Mayor Lightfoot said Ms Young should not be punished and that she was a victim.


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