Ali Larter responds to accusations of racism by Leonard Roberts heroes


Ali Larter speaks out after unflattering accusations from him Hero co-star Leonard Roberts appeared.

“I am deeply saddened to learn of Leonard Roberts’ experience on Hero and I’m heartbroken to read her perception of our relationship, which absolutely doesn’t match my memory or my experience on the show, ”the actress said in a statement to TVLine. “I respect Leonard as an artist and applaud him or anyone using his voice and platform. I am very sorry for any part I may have played in his painful experience during this time and wish him and his family the best.

In case you missed it, Roberts – who is Black and played DL Hawkins in the NBC hit drama – went public with a lengthy essay in Variety Wednesday, blaming the friction with co-star Larter and the lack of diversity behind the scenes for his abrupt shot of Hero after just one season. “The script suggested DL and [Larter’s character] Niki had an unstable relationship – and it wasn’t long before art imitated life, “Roberts wrote, detailing an incident where Larter complained about a bedroom scene with him, but” apparently did had no problem ‘shooting a seduction scene with her co-star Adrian Pasdar. “I couldn’t help but wonder if running was a factor,” added Roberts.

Roberts went on to say that series creator Tim Kring had informed him that he was being killed at the start of season 2 “due to ‘Ali Larter’s situation'” and said that both “had no ‘chemistry’.” The actor also noted that there were no black writers on the Hero staff and that all of the black cast were pushed back and sideways during a “particularly odd” photoshoot.

Kring said in a statement to Variety: “Looking back now, 14 years later, given the very different lens that I see the world through today, I recognize that a lack of diversity at the senior levels of staff may have contributed to this. that Leonard experiences the lack of sensitivity he describes. I am committed to improving this problem with every project I pursue. I fondly remember Leonard and wish him good luck.

Larter recently co-starred on Fox’s Not et ABC The recruit, and should play in Sidelines, an upcoming Fox comedy series about a 40-year-old mother chasing the dream of being a professional soccer cheerleader.


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