Alberta breaks daily record for COVID-19 deaths with 22 new deaths reported on Sunday


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Seven of the deaths on Sunday are linked to an outbreak at Capital Care’s Lynnwood continuing care facility. Capital Care spokesperson Bernadette DeSantis said on Sunday that 43 employees and 47 residents had active cases of COVID-19. She said 24 staff and 28 residents have recovered and there have been 24 deaths from the outbreak.

As the number of deaths from COVID-19 continues to rise, the virus is poised to be one of the leading causes of death in Alberta.

Data for 2020 won’t be available until the end of next year, according to Service Alberta. But using the results from the 2019 list, COVID-19 would rank sixth. The virus has now overtaken the causes of death, including blocked artery and stroke, which resulted in 678 and 602 deaths, respectively, last year.

COVID-19 is the fifth leading cause of death in 2019, heart attacks, which resulted in 1,061 deaths. Seasonal flu has not been among the top 30 causes of death in Alberta over the past two decades.

Much of the effort to slow the COVID-19 virus is aimed at preventing the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Surgeries have already had to be canceled to make room for COVID-19 patients and nurses brought in from other departments to work in the intensive care unit.

There are currently 681 people in the hospital. On December 12, 21,725 ​​additional tests were performed, giving a positivity rate of 7.9%.

The number of people hospitalized has remained stable since Saturday at 681 but the number of people in intensive care rose to 136, against 128 the day before.


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