Airlines face COVID refund investigation amid soaring complaints | Economic news


Airlines operating in the UK face an investigation into whether consumer laws have been broken due to the failure to offer cash refunds to passengers during the coronavirus crisis to date.

The industry, as well as vacation operators, have been accused by angry consumers of dragging their heels on the return of money since flights were first halted in March as the country was locked down for fight against the spread of COVID-19[feminine[feminine.

Complaints range from inducements to accept vouchers instead, and delays in refunds following a formal refund request.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which recently obtained reimbursement commitments from a number of holiday companies, including LoveHoliday, said on Wednesday it was looking into whether airlines violated their legal rights by not offering cash refunds for flights consumers could not legally take.

He was increasingly in a hurry to act in the face of criticism from consumer groups.

Which one ?, which accused all of the major UK airlines of breaking the refund law, demanded that the CMA be allowed to impose fines on the industry.

The CMA statement said: ‘The investigation will examine situations in which airlines continued to operate flights when people could not legally travel for non-essential purposes in the UK or abroad, for example example during the second lockdown in England in November.

“The AMC is aware that in some cases where flights were not canceled, customers were not offered a refund even though they could not travel legally.

“Instead, many were given the option to change reservations or receive a voucher. ”

The watchdog said if he understood that reservation systems had been strained by the pandemic, customers may have been unfairly left behind.


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