A group of TikTok stars appear to be on vacation in the Bahamas and fans are disappointed


Fans of TikTok’s most famous stars are expressing their disappointment as photos of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Noah Beck and Madi Monroe are apparently on vacation in the Bahamas have emerged.

As of Monday night, videos began to emerge online of young influencers apparently posing with fans in the Bahamas and, more specifically, at the Atlantis complex in Nassau.

Other photos tagged with Atlantis on Instagram show Hudson and Beck posing with fans in a resort pool, and another shows Beck posing with a young fan on Twitter.

A TikTok shows a fan posing with Beck as well as video footage of the group with someone who appears to be a staff member wearing an Atlantis-branded shirt.

On another TikTok from a fan posing with Beck, posted Tuesday, Beck commented “Nice to meet you.”
Bryant, a friend and photographer of the influencers, also posted an Instagram story of himself, Beck, Hudson and Anthony Reeves. The background of the image corresponds to photos on Google of the Saint Laurent store located in the luxury Crystal Court shopping district of Atlantis Bahamas.
Monroe also posted a TikTok on Tuesday showing her on Omegle. The background matches the images of the Atlantis suites on the resort’s website.
While many fan comments revolve around the fact that Beck might die his hair black, many others express disappointment that influencers appear to have chosen to travel as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens in Los Angeles .
People have also left comments on celeb TikTok videos.
This is particularly shocking because Charli recently took to Instagram Live to remind people to stay safe.
“Please stop being so inconsiderate towards others,” she said on the show. “You put other people in danger. ”

Representatives for D’Amelios, Beck and Atlantis did not return requests for comment. Atlantis requires travelers to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test before entering the resort.

Although Beck and Hudson posed for photos, the influencers themselves have been hesitant to post photos or TikToks specifying where they are. It’s a big change from their last group trip to the Atlantis Bahamas in March, which included frequent social media posts.

Los Angeles, where the influencers live, is currently under emergency “safer at home” public order.

“With this virus, we are safer at home,” says the order. “Where possible, city residents should isolate themselves in their homes,” subject to certain exceptions.

According to LA County Public Health, the city recorded 13,661 new cases on Dec. 28 and a total of 733,325 reported cases, with an average test positivity rate of 16.8% over seven days. Critical care bed capacity at hospitals in Southern California hit zero last week.


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