2021 NFL preliminary order update: Broncos are now 10th


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Heading into Week 14 of the NFL season, the winless Jets remain atop the NFL draft order for 2021. The Jaguars, who have a win, could become the first team to go 1-15 and not end with the worst record in the league.

The Broncos entered the top 10 this week.

According to the NFL, here is the current draft order. It is determined by the record, with the strength of the calendar as the first tiebreaker. The draft order of playoff teams is determined by the results of playoff games, so teams currently holding playoff spots are not listed.

(For those who haven’t read the above, or don’t understand, the Giants currently lead the NFC East. They are not listed as the NFC East winner will not draft above the 19th. , WHATEVER THE RECORD.)

1. Jets, 0-12
2. Jaguars, 1-11
3. Bengals, 2-9-1
4. Chargers, 3-9
5. Cowboys, 3-9 years old
6. Eagles, 3-8-1
7. Panthers, 4-8
8. Falcons, 4-8
9. Dolphins (Texans), Texans 4-8
10. Broncos, 4-8
11. Lions, 5-7,
12. Washington Football Team, 5-7
13. Ours, 5-7
14. 49ers, 5-7
15. Cardinals, 6-6
16. Patriots, 6-6
17. Raiders, 7-5
18. Ravens, 7-5


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