2 passengers, dog sliding out of moving plane at La Guardia airport


“If I sit down, I’ll panic,” the man said, Mr. Plummer recalls.

The flight attendant again asked the man to take a seat, and he again refused, Mr Plummer said. Instead, he started walking towards the front of the plane, going far enough that Mr. Plummer lost sight of him.

The plane, which was due to take off shortly before 10 a.m., returned to the boarding gate, where the remaining passengers “disembarked normally and were accommodated on alternative flights,” a Delta spokeswoman said. (Mr Plummer said his departure was delayed by several hours.)

No one was injured in the episode, authorities said. It was not immediately clear where the service dog was.

The most famous example of an unauthorized sliding exit occurred 10 years ago at Kennedy International Airport, with a JetBlue flight attendant who said he was involved in a dispute with a passenger.

In this case, after announcing his intentions over the aircraft’s public address system, the flight attendant activated an emergency slide, slid toward the tarmac, and threw his tie to the ground as he walked away.

Most recently, a traveler on a flight to Florida at Newark Liberty International Airport fled through an emergency exit and rolled down an inflatable slide while the plane was still at the gate in February 2018 , according to WNBC.

When officers arrived to arrest him, the man was shouting that he was not on the plane because it was not his flight, the TV station reported.


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