100 tickets, over $ 180,000 in fines issued for failing to follow COVID-19 public health orders last week


Fines totaling more than $ 180,000 were imposed on COVID-19 rule violators last week, the province said on Tuesday.
Of the 100 bills issued last week, 22 bills of $ 5,000 each were issued to companies accused of various offenses, 48 ​​bills of $ 1,296 were given to people who allegedly failed to follow various public health orders , and 23 bills of $ 298 were issued to people accused of not wearing masks in indoor public places.

These tickets include a $ 1,296 ticket tied to the drive-in service at Winnipeg’s Springs Church, which hosted a large drive-thru last weekend contrary to public health orders.

Enforcement officers are still investigating this incident and expect to issue more tickets.

The Church of God in Sarto, Manitoba, south of Steinbach, was fined $ 5,000 and six people were given individual tickets of $ 1,296 after the church attempted to organize a great car service on Sunday. They were blocked by RCMP officers, which drove over 100 cars along the highway trying to enter the church parking lot.

A total of $ 181,574 in fines was imposed from November 23 to 29, down from $ 126,082 a week earlier.

Prime Minister Brian Pallister said 30 tickets were also issued to people who attended a large protest in Steinbach on November 14.

Officers are investigating and planning to distribute additional tickets, Pallister said Tuesday at a press conference on the application of COVID-19.

“There will be consequences for those who do not respect public health orders,” he said.

“It is incredibly disappointing that anyone blatantly ignores the public health orders in place to protect Manitobans.

The update comes after Manitoba hit a record COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday with 342 people in hospital and 43 positive patients in intensive care units.

As of Tuesday, Pallister said the province issued nearly 100 tickets Nov. 16-22, for a total of $ 126,082. This was a significant increase from the week before, when Pallister announced the province was hiring a private security firm to help crack down on COVID-19 rule breakers.


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